Czech Offshore Yachting Association

It was established 1990 for interested persons in recreational and racing offshore yachting with sailboats and motor yachts. In this association are many important and well know people in the world sailing community, e.g. Mr. Richard Konkolski (OSTAR, BOC 82 and 86) or Mr. Rudolf Krautschneider (two circumnavigations and expeditions to the Artic and the Antarctica waters).

CANY has these principal activities:

• It is one of the subjects of Czech Yachting Association (a member of the ISAF) and it promotes interests of offshore yachtsmen in the Czech Republic and in foreign countries through membership of EBA (European Boating Association).
• Gives information from the Czech and world yachting events in the bulletin Rocenka CANY and on the internet ( The bulletin is free of charge for its members. • Organizes educations, training courses and issues pleasure boating competence certificates of skippers from the coastal area to the ocean area and for racers.
• Offers consulting services on the offshore sailing matters both legal and technical maters.
• Organizes professional and educational actions for public and boat shows in the Czech Republic.
• Has library with rich volume of professional publications, pilots, technical manuals and sailing guide books.
• Issues the registration of sails CZE accordingly the ISAF rules.
• Edits yachting books.
• Organizes national and international regattas and own competitions "Offshore International CANY Cup" and "Gold Bow of CANY".

Yachting is one of activities, where its exercise is not restricted by age and it is offer to passed of free time with family or with people of the same attitude. It is the matter on every yachtsman to satisfy his dreams. So, good wind to sails and always one foot under the keel at least.
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